Osteopathy for everybody

Osteopathy is a holistic therapeutic which consider the body as a whole. It's for everybody: children, athletes, older persons, etc. Whatever your condition is you will benefit from it.


In osteopathy, we perform the following manual treatment:

• TOG (general osteopathic treatment);
• visceral techniques;
• sacro-cranial techniques;

• structural techniques;

• fascial techniques.


With these techniques, it is possible to reduce strain from:

- overwork, stress
- minor injuries caused by accidents
- emotional stresses that affect your health
- sleeping troubles
- digestive troubles
- congestions, headaches
- muscular pains caused by misalignment, etc.


What to expect from an osteopathic session? 

In general, a session will last 1 hour and goes by in 3 steps:

• a short survey about your health
• a physical evaluation
• an osteopathic treatment 


For the session, it is recommended to dress comfortably with adequate underwear.

Osteopathy sessions take place at my office, located at 456 St-Joseph blvd. East (Laurier metro station), in Montréal. 


It is also possible to receive osteopathic treatments at: 

Kinatex Rockland100 Ch. Rockland, Mont-Royal, Phone:514.667.3828